Accused of explosion in Lyon in suspicion

e49b922b53a39c082401bc073461a942 - Accused of explosion in Lyon in suspicion

The man who confessions has passed in connection with the explosion last Friday in Lyon in suspicion and locked up. Reports that the public prosecutor’s office.

Mohamed Hichem Medjoub, a 24-year-old Algerian, was Monday arrested and detained in the interest of the research. Wednesday night it became known that the man confessions had passed, and Thursday turned out that he has declared allegiance to have sworn to the jihadist terrorist organisation.

The man appeared Friday before a magistrate that he suspected of being liable for ” criminal bendevorming with a terrorist motive’ and ‘production of explosives in connection with the commission of terror.Also placed the magistrate of the Match in pre-trial detention.

The offender had a bag with TATP-explosives for a bakery in the heart of Lyon dropped, and was then by bike along the same road returned as he had come. The attack injured more than a dozen people.