This weekend there are the Siemkensheuvelfeesten

2a80b4de7d36a13e27ed177133eabc4c - This weekend there are the Siemkensheuvelfeesten

In the weekend of June 1 and 2 found in Maaseik the 38th Siemkensheuvelfeesten place. Service station In Angels, and Tevona have this year joined forces, to Covida, and they organize these celebrations. On Saturday, especially playing sport, there is randanimatie and live radio.

On Sunday, June 2, between 14h and 18h30 uninterrupted provision of Flemish artists with local singer Juulke, Salim Seghers, Lisa del Bo, Luc Steeno, and Willy Sommers. This is an atmospheric poster for a broad audience. The admission is FREE! The proceeds go entirely to children with an intellectual disability. The tent is located on the Bokkerijdersweg to 3680 Maaseik.