The World of Bellewaerde is back

7551c923968580f3d8135bc3769e7bce - The World of Bellewaerde is back

On Friday 31 may is The World Of Bellewaerde back again with an exclusive look behind the scenes of the amusement park Bellewaerde. In the sixth season is to see how the new aqua park is gradually taking shape. The water park is the biggest investment that a Brand ever did and that is why the opening on July 1, a very important moment. At that new park also includes new employees, the search for rescuers can begin.

In addition to the aqua park welcomes a Brand is also a new Lion King, after the death of the last, last summer. The King of the jungle is the symbol of the Ypres park. Also memorable news at the giraffes, giraffe Simonne is pregnant.

With plenty of attractions and more than 200 exotic animals attracts Bellewaerde thousands of visitors every year, in The World Of a Brand is to see what is happening behind the scenes of the oldest working amusement and animal park in Belgium. The care of the animals and the maintenance of the attractions are the priorities of the community animal health workers and employees in the West-Flemish Bellewaerde.