“The white House wanted to USS John McCain out of sight when you visit Trump in Japan

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The USS John S. McCain.

The visit of American president Donald Trump to Japan would be the White House, the military command assigned to the U.s. destroyer named after the late senator John S. McCain ‘out of sight’. That should already be evident from an e-mail that The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday reported. Trump denies on the height to have been.

The USS John McCain was named after the father and grandfather of the senator and former captain in the U.s. navy, who both admiral were. Also the name of the youngest son, was, after his death in August last year, added. The Republican was one of the biggest opponents of Donald Trump within his party. The president and the senator could not be well with each other.

The warship is currently berthed for repairs in his home in the Japanese Yokosuka, the headquarters of the U.s. seventh fleet. The president spent Tuesday a visit to the port and gave a speech on the assault ship USS Wasp. The preparations for that visit had, according to The Wall Street Journal, however, a lot of feet in the earth. An officer of the Us command in the Indo-Pacific area, wrote according to the newspaper in an e-mail that the ” USS John McCain is out of sight.”

In the e-mail said the officer that he was the practical arrangements had been made with the White House and he asked members of the sea – and air force instructions. Also, the interim Defence minister Pat Shanahan was, according to the newspaper informed. Because the USS John McCain not to move, it was eventually decided to include the name of the ship to cover. The crew of the destroyer, was one day on leave sent.

In the United States there is a lot of criticism on the news. “I was nothing to be informed about the USS John S. McCain during my recent visit to Japan, responded to Trump all on Twitter.