Stefaan Lammens breaks a taboo

3863807a7c30b3e8d81ec771be119d94 - Stefaan Lammens breaks a taboo

In the Radio 1 program ‘At Debecker,’ said former ‘Sporza’, the face, Stefaan Lammens about his hair problems. He struggled to say, there are already some years with baldness on the crown of his head. With a hairpiece, he could that pattern baldness or hide it. The frustrated Stefaan mainly for his bald spot became bigger and bigger. Stefaan Lammens has one bald spot on his head, but the rest has to say is pretty much her. Friends with it, laughed, did that inside a lot of pain for Stefaan. At the end of last year, cut off the former ‘Sporza’-presenter the knot eventually. Such a hairpiece would need a lot of upkeep, but that makes Stefaan’s satisfaction no less.

(Nico Vanaken)