Niels Albert: “when I knew how late it was’

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Wednesday night was a former cyclo cross rider Niels Albert in ‘Bedgeheimen’ with James Cooke, the partner of James Cooke. During the conversation with James Cooke was Niels Albert’s emotions are not the boss, there rolled quite a few tears on his cheeks. The life of Niels Albert was in the sign of the cross, everything had to make way for the sport. “I had a goal where I wanted to. If I happen to want to go, then everything before districts,” said Niels to James Cooke. Niels won hundreds of contest and was two-time world champion, that was enjoy. “That’s a feeling you can’t describe. You drive by a crowd that you name call, that is a feeling you’ll not soon forget”.
Unfortunately, the one on the other day a serious turnaround, Niels gives that feeling sincerely miss. The one on the other day he stopped with the cross, that was not really from the heart. “It is actually for me to decide. I can’t decide” responds Niels Albert in Gert Late Night. “We had the garden cleaned up and I got a phone call from my former team doctor. That said, ‘are you at home?’. And that’s when I knew how late it was”. Niels was obliged to stop crosses because he had problems with his heart. Continue to drive him, his life may cost. “My life was completely turned upside down. That was just a dunghill. Why should I?”. Of course, had Niels the difficult decision that for him was taken, his life stood in the sign of the cross. The one on the other day, he had his job, his hobby and his boordwinning lost. Niels saw it not more sitting. “My ma has ever said to me: ‘I am very much afraid that you yourself are something went do’. “ That fear was very justified. “Where the Flandria stops on the Left bank, that pier… that I have ever been, but I would have never jumped have,” says Niels the people feel free.