Happiness is central in New Zealand’s budget

706c01f2d6a2320bec568e48e1c408fe - Happiness is central in New Zealand's budget

By mental health problems, child poverty and domestic violence to push back, wants the New Zealand government to its citizens happier.

Under the title ” The wellbeing budget’, the New Zealand government’s new budget proposed. Each ministry had in its policy area to think about what is the population happier.

More than a billion euros in additional to mental health care, almost two hundred million euros to the fight against domestic violence and almost a billion euros to the well-being of children. New Zealand has a rising zelfdodingscijfer. Domestic violence has been a focus for the government. Child poverty is an ongoing problem that since recently more attention.

Although the New Zealand ‘geluksbegroting’ only on Thursday 30 may, it was suggested, turned out to be the opposition Tuesday in the possession of some parts of the plan. Since Sunday is the New Zealand ministry of Finance targeted by hackers who steal information from the computer system. The leader of the opposition, Simon Bridges of the New Zealand National Party, denies that.

Social organizations are excited about the geluksbegroting. Despite the fair reallocation of budgets, calls the opposition, the plan has a shiny cover, with beautiful photos, but without content’. The British newspaper The Guardian quotes Simon Bridges, who says: “People want more money for fuel, food, and rent.’

The beautiful photo on the glossy cover of the budget shows a single mother with her little daughter. The newspaper New Zealand Herald could figure out that it was a New Zealand who recently went to Australia has been moved, because they live in New Zealand priceless.