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British newspapers say goodbye to Hazard: “What a loss for English football.”

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‘Eden Hazard’s golden goodbye’, which is just about the most used headline in the British press after the glansprestatie of the Red Devil in the 4-1 win at the finals of the Europa League against Arsenal on Wednesday night. The Spanish newspapers verlekkeren all on the arrival of Hazard to Real Madrid.

With two goals and one assist would Hazard Wednesday night Chelsea in the final of the Europa League. In 352 matches for The Blues was our fellow countryman, good for 110 goals, 81 assists and six trophies (2x English champion, 2x League, 1x FA Cup, 1x League Cup). After seven years of Chelsea, he pulls the door behind him close for an adventure to the even greater Real Madrid.

Sarri and Giroud needs Hazard the best

“I know that Eden wants to leave and respect his decision”, said the Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri Wednesday after. Eden is a fantastic player, but to him as a person to understand, I have to fast for two to three months. Once you know him, you know that he is a great man. I wish him all the best.’

“We are going to miss him’, said the Chelsea attacker Olivier Giroud. Eden is someone with whom I both on and off the field for an incredible relationship. It is a great guy. I’m happy for him and his future. After seven good and loyal years at Chelsea, he scores and new challenge.’

Why not the Golden Ball?

The same sound at the British voetbalanalisten afterwards praising the performance of Hazard and gave him his droomtransfer to Real Madrid only. ‘Chelsea played a great second half and Eden Hazard was simply brilliant. Guys, what will they miss him when he departs’, when Gary Lineker together.

In the tv-studios of BT Sport was the Decision for The ex-player of Barcelona, Chelsea and Arsenal – the analyst. “I think it’s terrible to say, but I think Chelsea at this time, Eden can’t give him what he deserves. He has the potential to have all possible trophies to win… and why not the Golden Ball. He says that he is not losing sleep over that trophy, but deep inside he does though. Believe me. He really wants the Champions League win. And at this moment he sits at Chelsea to his ceiling. He would be so much higher to go to a club like Real Madrid. Because clubs like Real, Barcelona and Manchester City always come back.’

Ex-Arsenal defender Martin Keown was hard for his former team. “This was a system failure for Arsenal. Chelsea was too strong. This final set yet again the decline of Arsenal in the paint. This club seems to be hardly more to the greatness that it once was. Emery is a good coach and has the right spirit. But his passion is greater than that of his players. While Eden Hazard with two goals, his status from star player to Chelsea has performed, kept Arsenal on his hunger to sit with a key player Mesut Özil. It was the playground of Eden tonight. He showed so much talent and class. That is the difference: they had Hazard, we had Özil.’

British press: ‘What a loss for English football.”

The British newspapers then. “This was the perfect evening for Hazard’, says the Daily Mail. ‘On the eve of an imminent transfer to Real Madrid, took the Hazard on a grand scale farewell from Chelsea. At the moment Chelsea, Arsenal to shreds, played – with three goals in sixteen minutes – was Hazard the center of it all. What a loss for Chelsea will. What a loss for English football.

‘However, there is no guarantee that he will also be at a higher stage will shine’, warns the Mail. ‘It is sufficient to look at the way Philippe Coutinho languishes in Barcelona. The 29-year-old Hazard has with his speed and agility, perhaps, but two years too well at the highest level. He is capable of big nights, but will his level, still have to go up in a merciless Spanish environment where he is more consistent will have to be. In the Premier League scored Hazard not a single time in a uitmatch against a team from the top six. If there is one point of criticism on him may be it is that the Belgian rare Chelsea beyond his most difficult moments has piloted. That’s why his performance in the semi-finals, an additional signal of maturity. In the second half showed Hazard why they are in Chelsea so crazy about him and why Real Madrid heaven and earth will move for his signature.’

At The Guardian , they found Eden Hazard surprisingly not the man of the match. Our compatriot was invented with a score of seven out of ten, one point fewer than ploegmakker Giroud. “Eden was uncommon under age in the first half, on a lovely pass to Emerson after. But in the second half had Arsenal no answer to his brilliant game. English football will make him always miss, even though a lot of defenders in the Premier League a sigh of relief heave.’

‘A staggering performance’, took The Sun , the match of Hazard together. ‘Hazard has transfer earned. The Europa League may be far from the Champions League trophy he had dreamed of since he was Chelsea in 2012, joined with a third place in the Premier League and a victory in the Europa League, he takes appropriate farewell. It was his evening. When Hazard seven years ago when Chelsea arrive, he was one of the most promising players of Europe. He leaves Chelsea as a legend.’

Marca: ‘He arrives in Madrid with the aura of a Galáctico’

Of course, the Spanish Marca also Eden Hazard on its front cover. The Real Madrid-minded newspaper looked likkebaardend to the final of the Europa League and can’t wait to see the Red Devil in the white jersey of the Galacticos will attract. ‘Hazard showed his afscheidsmatch of Chelsea perfectly see what he is capable of: two goals, an assist and a masterclass in the hand of a match. Chelsea won thanks to the wand of Hazard. He won, and said goodbye. The fans of Real Madrid watched the final of the Europa League as a child to the desserts on a menu looks and likkebaardend waiting for the moment that this of goodies on the table. The People of madrid can be next season with his own eyes to see what Hazard has to offer. And what does Real Madrid with Hazard?’

Then Marca will begin with an enumeration of the qualities of the Hazard. Three paragraphs long. About his stats, his ability to be anywhere on the field to diving, his goals from the second line, the spaces that he has for others creates, what about spot’s, his positional game and his final pass.

‘The Belgian arrives in Madrid with the aura of a Galáctico: the best player of the year with a Europa League under his arm. His achievements have the past seasons to a fixed value generated in the ranking of the best players in the world and its market value is evidence of this. There are only three players with a higher market value than Hazard on Mbappé, Neymar and Messi. And that is also reflected in his media appeal, ” says Marca. ‘Since the arrival of James Rodríguez welcomed Bernabéu no longer a football player in this category. A player who is able to get the records of the merchandising store of Real to break through with the sale of his shirt.’

‘Hazard is not a child anymore’, decision Marca. “He comes to Real Madrid on his 28th. As the captain of a national team with beautiful football to the semi-finals of the world cup in Russia stronger. He is no longer the boy from Lille to Chelsea came, nor the irregular and problematic football player of a few seasons ago. The steps he has made are clear, his maturity makes him better on the field and will be a youthful team in the locker room more character.”