Assange too ill for videoverhoor in uitleveringszaak

0b3ff98e9a4dcbb19e4a1e97336f1477 - Assange too ill for videoverhoor in uitleveringszaak

WikiLeaks founder Julan Assange is too sick to via a videolink to appear at a hearing on the uitleveringsverzoek of the United States.

“It is not good at all with mr. Assange”, said his lawyer, Gareth Pierce. That was confirmed by judge Emma Arbuthnot: “He is not feeling well.’ The next hearing on the extradition of Assange is scheduled for June 12.

WikiLeaks is deeply concerned about the health of Assange. He was in the Uk’s Belmarsh prison, now moved to the infirmary. The health of Assange, according to WikiLeaks very deteriorated since he’s in jail, and he would much fallen off.

The United States for the extradition of Assange asked, after he gets out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London dragged on 11 april. He must be in the US to justify for 18 charges and risking decades in prison.