Woman (19) was killed after a complaint of sexual abuse: 16 defendants

a1cf461b740c66cd67f774401ad25b41 - Woman (19) was killed after a complaint of sexual abuse: 16 defendants

Nusrat Jahan Rafi was murdered in her school in Bangladesh, after declaration had been made of sexual assault by her school principal. Now, sixteen people for the murder of the young woman.

The police of Feni, a small town 160 km outside the capital Dhaka, suing 16 defendants for murder. Under 16 accused are students and two local politicians. According to the police confessed to the director that he gave the order for the murder. In total gifts 12 defendants are already guilty. The two politicians to keep their innocence standing.


At the end of march had Rafi, along with her family, lodged a complaint against the director of the Koraanschool. He had her, according to Rafi inappropriately touched. She had run away before the situation get out of hand ran. The director, Siraj Ud Doula, was arrested.

According to the police, the director of the murder of the young woman from the jail, after she refused her complaint to withdraw. The police described the murder as “a military plan”. Initially had it on suicide seem to be, but Rafi could for her death to make statements. She said that the roof was lured by a college classmate of mine, who said that one of her friends beaten up. On the roof, she was eventually put under pressure to have a blank paper to sign. When she refused, she was tied up and in kerosene soaked. After that, she was on fire.

In the ambulance she took a video message, because they feared that they would not survive. She could be a number of her attackers identify. ‘The director randde me, and I will resist to my last breath, ” she says in the video, recorded on the smartphone of her brother. She eventually died on april 10, her body was 80 percent burned.

After the death of the young woman broke straatprotest out in the streets of Bangladesh. The prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, said that all the parties involved before the court will be brought. “No guilty person will be able to evade justice.’