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VRT-face Peter Van de Veire will program Four with Gert Verhulst and James Cooke

Peter Van de Veire (47) despite its exclusivity contract with the VRT, a program present in Four. He is the host of The battle, a spectacular studioshow with Gert Verhulst and James Cooke. At the VRT, they realize that they have their dedicated this kind of buitenkansjes it is difficult to refuse, as the VRT for this kind of shows is no money.

At first glance it may seem like a surprise of size: Peter Van de Veire, for years a regular at tv channel One and radio station MNM, is present in Four. Van de Veire will be the hosts of a studioshow that for the time being The battle is called. In that show, which is also on the Dutch tv show, Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke is challenging by a number of well-known Flemish and Dutch to spectacular assignments to a good end, of stunts with the trapeze to extreme hersentraining. The recordings start in August, when it is broadcast is not yet known. For Peter Van de Veire is the first time that he has a program presents, that is not a station of the public broadcaster to be seen.

Peter Van de Veire says that he beginning of this year, the question was of Four: “I thought the VRT would never approve, I just happen to have an exclusivity contract with the public broadcaster. But on one or the other miraculous way they have still said yes. Bart Peeters, also a fixed face at the VRT, is also seen as a coach in The voice van Vlaanderen on VTM: so this is exceptionally so. And that new program in Four has four episodes, that is something else than a show that is much longer on the screen. It is not that Qmusic will ask me for a month with them radio, that would the VRT not have allowed.”

No money for

The reason why it is no surprise that Peter Van de Veire, despite his exclusivity contract nevertheless, a program should present Four, has to do with the offer at the VRT. The chance that there is One a spectacular studioshow if The battle is to see, is extremely small. There is simply no money for it. That has Peter Van de Veire directly experienced: he was with feathers in the ass born and when One programs present it as The provincieshow, Peter live, Sing that song, Friends Of the Veire and Steracteur sterartiest, but those programs are scarce. “One makes very good programs, but this kind of big shows are not for grabs. And they can be hard for me columbus , which does Wim Lybaert much better. I may in the VRT festive programs as the presentation of the MIA’s present, Flanders festival and the Eurovision song contest, but that are one-time things. Such a unpretentious pluimenshow is me, that they don for the VRT also. Their reasoning is: Peter should enjoy themselves in the playground of the neighbor, as long as he is after showering again with us in bed. (laughs) I’m full in, I’m glad that I can combine.”

Horribly ambitious men

The question of Four Of the Veire is also not surprising: Of the Veire crowned himself the smartest man in the world in the same quiz on Four. That victory shone also on the public broadcaster. And the Veire stayed for a week on the boat from Gert Verhulst for his talk show, Gert late night, another children’s playground: “I have yes said to see up close how they program made. On that boat I noticed that it is a very nice environment. It clicked with Gert and James (Of the Veire coasted even the hair of Gert Verhulst, ed.). They are also horribly ambitious men, they will be in that new program, whatever it may cost well want to do. That I be part of that excitement and all those emotions, I find blessed. For one time don’t too relevant to society to be.” (laughs)