Tusk wants at least two women in the European senior positions

163f087cfc05b360dc01cfeda1037c1b - Tusk wants at least two women in the European senior positions

European president Donald Tusk wants at least two women at a European top some day. “We will see if it is possible, but that is my personal ambition,’ he stated Tuesday night in Brussels after an informal meeting with the European heads of state and government on the interpretation of the topjobs.

Two days after the elections changed the government at a dinner for the first time, thoughts on the interpretation of the topjobs. They gave Tusk a mandate for consultations to start on the appointment of a new commission President, but also a new president of the European Central Bank, a high representative for foreign policy and a successor for the Pool itself.

“We have spoken about the need to balance, to find that our diversity reflect in terms of geography, size, gender, and political parties. That is our aspiration, but in the real world can be a perfect balance hard to find’, recognised Tusk. According to him, shared most of the leaders the ambition to create a gender balance to find. “Maybe not everyone, but almost everyone.’

Tusk hopes that he is the puzzle at the next European summit of 20 and 21 June. He wants to advance as quickly as possible, consultations start with the European Parliament on the appointment of a new commission President. That is probably the most difficult exercise, because he or she has the support of an absolute majority of the 751 Meps.


Tusk reiterated that the government does not feel obliged to the hemisphere one of the candidates for to be used by their European political party as the Spitzenkandidat on the shield are raised in the election campaign. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the Visegrad countries, for example, walk to a variety of reasons, not warm for that system. “But a Spitzenkandidat is also no disqualification. It would be their chances can increase.’ He assured that the government is not a ‘interinstitutional conflict with the parliament want.

Formally there is Tuesday night still not about names spoken, however, about the appropriate profile of the successor of Jean-Claude Juncker. That Weber has no experience in an executive mandate, such as the social democrats and liberals ever denounce, did for the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, already is not an issue. They pointed out that the social-democrats five years ago, nor is it a problem made when the candidacy of Martin Schulz defended.

Parallel is Tusk with the government is also in consultations with the other government about successors for his part, ECB president, Mario Draghi, and high representative Federica Mogherini. About those appointments, the European Parliament has much less to say. Tusk underlined that the follow-up of Draghi no party-political competition may be. The central bank is strictly independent of politics. The bank is, however, still never by a woman lead, just as the European Commission and the European Council. Just as good would be a male high representative a first.