Suspect of bombing in Lyon known bompakket to have made

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The man suspected behind the explosion of last week in Lyon to sit has confessions made. Reports that a source close to the dossier.

The 24-year-old Mohamed M., probably of Algerian origin, was on Monday together with his parents and a family member arrested and locked in place. He is suspected of a bompakket placed to have a bakery in the heart of Lyon.

The French government declared Tuesday that, according to her, ‘no doubt whatsoever’ that the suspect in custody is responsible for the attack. ‘The investigation is still ongoing, but with the elements that to me are presented, at the moment I have no doubt that we are the responsible of the attack in custody, ” said minister of Home Affairs Castaner Tuesday.

With the explosion in the centre of the eastern French metropolis became Friday thirteen people injured. It comes to eight women, four men and a girl of ten years old. Eleven of the injured were admitted to the hospital. The Parisian antiterreurparket leads the research.