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Survey: strong interest for Facebook Coin in the US Coin Hero

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Survey: strong interest for Facebook Coin in the United States

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Matthias Nemack –

Facebook Coin is to a large litter? Setting of US citizens a Online was realized survey to the GlobalCoin.

The enthusiasm more pronounced than expected?

A relaxation of the current prohibition on Advertising and in the connecting News to the GlobalCoin – Facebook gave in to crypto supporters last multiple belonging. Now that it is known when the own crypto-currency should come, finished the part dedicated discussions. Skeptical but observers were especially when it came to the possible interest of the Facebook users on a platform-own Coin. Due to the recurring criticism of the handling data, for example, had some observers doubt the success. Whether the GlobalCoin, early action can make the Bitcoin or payment models such as PayPal and credit cards competition? That is the question, at least indirectly, a current survey online to 1,000 Americans are involved.

Even people with no crypto experience, are attentive

The survey was carried out on behalf of the website “LendEDU”, dedicated entirely to the topic of “Personal Finance Education”. The results of the survey to the potential popularity of the Facebook Coin among adult U.S. citizens were more positive than had been expected by some Analyst. 18 % of the survey participants Express an interest in an Investment in the GlobalCoin, which is output as Stablecoin. With 59 % also the interest of those who already buy Bitcoin or Coins such as Litecoin falls out, is quite large. They represented to the group as a whole by the way a share of 7%. Furthermore, the experts of the exporting survey-service provider Pollfish come to the conclusion that In the case of those participants who make a bow to Ethereum, Ripple and co. can introduce a 15 % investment in the Facebook-Coin.

Marketplace-users expect higher spending

However, 27 % of the disinterested respondents, particularly a lack of Facebook-trust as a reason. Have experienced survey professionals, moreover, that of the people that use the Facebook marketplace (65 %) about 78 % in the case of the Coin more extensive Marketplace activities. In this respect, only 14% of the marketplace-User expect that you would not have to spend more money on the platform. So it remains exciting to see how quickly Facebook other (in particular) digital payment systems from the beginning of 2020 competition will make.

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