Sam Verhoeven pulls off to the Flemish government

012aa75266a2ba56761a33f1bff3c557 - Sam Verhoeven pulls off to the Flemish government

Wednesday suggested a proud Sam Verhoeven, the new productions for next season in the Fakkeltheater to Antwerp will walk. That are a lot, 75 to be exact. It comes to performances of small and large production houses that often have fewer resources to do. The Flemish government has a short while ago the DAC and GESCO-insurance premiums has been abolished and that has major consequences for the 800 people that under such a statute, but also for the associations which such people employ. By the abolition of the premiums will be a significant portion of those 800 people are made redundant. A lot of producers do not have the means to make people in the service to keep. At the Fakkeltheater enjoy 4 of the 8 employees of the GERRESHEIMER status. That is completely out-of-pocket payment is not feasible, the people fired would also have implications for daily functioning. It is namely impossible to know with 4 people in the different theatres to run. The Fakkeltheater has per year to 75,000 visitors, that people could, in future it may no longer be able to enjoy the performances, but that is the worst case scenario. It is high time that the ladies and gentlemen politicians once more to the smaller theatres to enjoy still great performances.