Reactions after victory Chelsea in Europa League

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Reactions after victory Chelsea in Europa League

29 may 2019 20:27
29-05-19 20:27
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Chelsea on Wednesday for the second time in the Europa League, conquered thanks to a 4-1 victory at Arsenal in the final. Follow the comments on the match in our liveblog.

  • Final Europa League
  • Chelsea-Arsenal
  • Final score: 4-1
  • Chelsea wins Europa League

Chelsea-Arsenal · 3 minutes agoPast! Chelsea beat Arsenal 4-1 and win the Europa League.Chelsea-Arsenal · 6 minutes geleden90 ” We get three minutes in Baku.Chelsea-Arsenal · 7 minutes geleden88′ Eden Hazard is the loud applause to the side. Zappacosta comes for him within the lines.Chelsea-Arsenal · 10 minutes ago

What does Eden Hazard have a good second half. It Is his last game for Chelsea?Chelsea-Arsenal · 12 minutes geleden83′ let Arsenal is an imposed opportunity. Substitute player Willock curls the ball just next to it.Chelsea-Arsenal · 13 minutes geleden82′ A great chance for Arsenal. Lacazette failing eye-to-eye with Kepa. In the rebound is Aubameyang still dangerous, but he is offside.Chelsea-Arsenal · 15 minutes geleden80′ Chelsea is now complete Arsenal. Right back Azpilicueta shoots hard along. Can Chelsea still continue to lead?Chelsea-Arsenal · 17 minutes geleden79′ Petr Cech prevents an even bigger disadvantage for Arsenal after a bet from William. With a beautiful passing move plays the Brazilian himself free, but his bet is turned.Chelsea-Arsenal · 19 minutes geledenWat is Eden Hazard still important for Chelsea this season.

Eden Hazard has now leg directly involved in 37 goals across all competitions in 2018-19.
20 goals. 17 assists. 💫


AuteurSquawka FootballMoment of plaatsen22:24 – 29 may 2019Chelsea-Arsenal · 20 minutes geleden75′ Maurizio Sarri retrieves Mateo Kovacić to the side. Ross Barkley will replace the Croatian.Chelsea-Arsenal · 22 minutes ago

It’s party time in the blue part of London.Chelsea-Arsenal · 25 minutes geleden71′ GOAL Chelsea! 4-1

Chelsea punishes unnecessary loss of ball from Aubameyang hard. Olivier Giroud throws the ball over the Arsenal defence to Eden Hazard. Eye-to-eye with Cech fails the little Belgian not and he signs up for his second of the evening.Chelsea-Arsenal · 26 minutes geleden70′ Goalscorer Pedro to leave the field. His replacement is William.Chelsea-Arsenal · 27 minutes geleden68′ GOAL Arsenal! 3-1

Substitute player Iwobi gets great and let Kepa hopeless. Without thinking he shoots the ball diagonally along the Chelsea-the final item. Can it still, for ‘The Gunners’?Chelsea-Arsenal · 28 minutes geleden68′ There is the second yellow card of this duel. Christensen gets Iwobi down hard and disappears into the book of referee Rocchi.Chelsea-Arsenal · 29 minutes geledenEen wonderful milestone for Pedro.

1️⃣ – Pedro (@_Pedro17_) becomes the first player in history to have scored in the final of the Champions League/Champions Cup, the European Supercup and the final of the UEFA Cup/Europa League. #UELfinal #CHEARS


AuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen22:21 – 29 may 2019Chelsea-Arsenal · 30 minutes geleden66′ Unai Emery seizes. Torreira and Monreal making way for Guendouzi and Iwobi.Chelsea-Arsenal · 31 minutes geleden65′ GOAL Chelsea! 3-0

Eden Hazard has no doubt and turn the windfall into a goal. He shoots the ball to the left of Petr Cech.Chelsea-Arsenal · 32 minutes geleden64′ Penalty to Chelsea! Pedro more great play by the Arsenal defence. The skillful attacker plays the ball to Olivier Giroud, but Maitland-Niles runs him plump in the back. Penalty Kick To Chelsea.Chelsea-Arsenal · 33 minutes ago

The clever opening goal from Olivier Giroud in the picture.Chelsea-Arsenal · 34 minutes ago

Chelsea, the Europa League is almost in your hands. Can Arsenal still have some in the remaining half hour?Chelsea-Arsenal · 37 minutes geleden59′ GOAL Chelsea! 2-0

Pedro enlarges the problems of Arsenal. After a nice combination is Eden Hazard the complete detached Pedro. The Spaniard does not think and press the ball into the far corner. Petr Cech has no chance.Chelsea-Arsenal · 38 minutes geledenDeze statistic speaks very much in favor of ‘The Blues’.

🔄 – Chelsea score 1-0. Since the introduction of the one-legged final in the UEFA Cup/Europa League in 1998, only 3 teams won the final after conceding the opening goal
2005 – CSKA Moskva
2015 – Seville (led by Unai Emery)
2016 – Seville (led by Unai Emery)


AuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen22:08 – may 29 2019Chelsea-Arsenal · 40 minutes geleden56′ Arsenal press Chelsea immediately after the opening goal, with the back against the wall.Chelsea-Arsenal · 42 minutes geleden53′ At the turn shoot the goalscorer Giroud in his groin. Hopefully the Frenchman does it take.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour geleden48′ GOAL Chelsea! 1-0

Olivier Giroud creeps for But and reads the fine cross from Emerson handsome touch. Chelsea is in the lead by a goal from the former Arsenal striker.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour geleden47′ Hazard delivers the ball to Giroud, but the striker will not profit from the space that he gets. Through an Arsenal defender the ball over the dead ball line. Corner for Chelsea.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour agoKick-off! The ball rolls again in Baku.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour ago

Stadium not more than 50-60% filled, despite the fact that all the cards are almost sold lots of empty spots.


AuteurCristian WillaertMoment of plaatsen21:04 – may 29 2019Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour ago

With two major rescues is Petr Cech is very important for his team.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour geleden45′ The first 45 minutes are over. The people find the dressing room with a 0-0-standings.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour geleden43′ Eden Hazard is still invisible in the first half.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour geleden39′ What a rescue from Petr Cech. The goalkeeper is stretched to the corner on a bet from Olivier Giroud. Bad luck for the Frenchman.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour geledenGeen fine prospect for Maurizio Sarri, he was allowed to the Europa League win.

Chelsea’s last 4 managers to win a trophy, survived an average of 122 days after the win:
Conte – left 55 days after winning FA Cup
Mourinho – 228 days after extraction PL
Benitez – Mourinho appointed 19 days after Benitez won the Europa League
Di Matteo – 186 days after winning the CL


AuteurSky Sports StattoMoment of plaatsen21:29 – may 29 2019Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour geleden34′ Emerson plays his opponent cleverly and shoot. The full of Chelsea takes the hands of Petr Cech.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour ago

Lacazette claims a penalty, but referee Rocchi find nothing. The contact with Kepa was very light.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour ago

31 ” It took about a half hour, but Chelsea will sign more and more to the half from Arsenal.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour geleden27 ” There was almost the 0-1 for Arsenal. Granit Xhaka pulls hard from 25 yards. Fortunately for the Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa brushes the ball to the top of the crossbar.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour geleden25′ For the first time Chelsea dangerous. Kant gives for Giroud, but the control of the Frenchman leaves much to be desired. Way chance.Chelsea-Arsenal · one hour geleden22′ Alexandre Lacazette is a nuisance for the Chelsea defence. The fast attacker is still just the ball put in by Cesar Azpilicueta.Chelsea-Arsenal · 2 hours geleden17′ Arsenal-striker Lacazette breaks through and comes at the trap after he Kepa pass. Scheidsrecht Rocchi finds nothing and gives a doeltrap.Chelsea-Arsenal · 2 hours geleden15′ Again breaks Arsenal through the flank. Now is the Kolasinac that is a cross, but he stumbles on Azpilicueta.Chelsea-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

12′ The opening phase has only little spectacle. Both teams keep the areas small.Chelsea-Arsenal · 2 hours geleden8′ Arsenal and creates the first danger. Maitland-Niles breaks through on the right and put hard for it. Kepa thumps the ball straight into the feet of Aubameyang, but the striker shoots the ball wildly in front.Chelsea-Arsenal · 2 hours geleden4′ Eden Hazard put a dribble in from the left. Directly diving there are three Arsenal players on the back of his neck. The star player of Chelsea gets not an inch of space.Chelsea-Arsenal · 2 hours geleden2′ Chelsea takes directly the initiative. The team of Maurizio Sarri plays the ball patiently around.Chelsea-Arsenal · 2 hours agoKick-off! Arsenal brings the ball rolling.Chelsea-Arsenal · 2 hours geledenDit are the players who are at the kick-off of the Europa League finale:

Chelsea: Kepa; Azpilicueta, Christensen, Luiz, Emerson; Kant, Jorginho, Kovacić; Pedro, Giroud, Hazard.

Arsenal: Cech; Sokratis, But, Monreal; Maitland-Niles, Torreira, Xhaka, Kolasinac; Özil; Aubameyang, Lacazette.Chelsea-Arsenal · 2 hours geledenDe players are ready in the tunnel. Another five minutes and then roll the ball in Baku.Back to top

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