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Philippe Clement finds himself no jobhopper at performance Club Brugge: “I had in Beveren and Genk clause in the contract”

3ccc29da75c5f42168a6a96b6d9d41e9 - Philippe Clement finds himself no jobhopper at performance Club Brugge: “I had in Beveren and Genk clause in the contract”

Philippe Clement showed Wednesday, a happy man, during his presentation as new head coach of Club Brugge. Clement has had some tough days behind us and left with pain in the heart Racing Genk behind. “It was very hard to choose, but I am highly confident of my choice. We are going to full on go for it”, let Clement noted.

“I am very happy to be back,” began Clement. “Club Brugge was sixteen years of my life, that it is now again. I have very long and very well need to think about the past week. I felt very much at home and appreciated in Genk, but in the end, the challenge in Bruges were the deciding factors. With Genk I have – to my mind – the ultimate, the title, is achieved. If I now in Bruges would be able to achieve, that would be great. It is not so much coaches given with two different teams to become a champion.”

“I was like two years ago, started as head coach of Club Brugge”, showed Clement also hear clearly. “I was very satisfied with my process as an assistant here. For six years I got every year more and more responsibility. At the moment I T1 wanted to be, not everyone was in agreement. I’ve seen then at Waasland-Beveren and Genk very beautiful adventures experienced with athletic good results. The past few weeks with Racing Genk were fantastic. I felt a lot of confidence and leaves many friends behind, but I’ve made my choice and stand fully behind.”

Not a jobhopper

It is for Clement his third club as T1 in two years time, but he absolutely wanted to emphasize not a jobhopper. “Anyone who knows me, knows that. I had both in Beveren as in Genk is a clause in my contract so I could. At the time, as assistant to the Club, I was already head coach at several first graders, but I loved the boat. It is also certainly not the intention here soon to leave.”

“The pressure from the outside world will in the coming season are high”, recognised Clement. “But I’m not doing that. I put myself, and anyway a lot of press. It is true that the pressure in Genk much less would have been. When I was in January last year in Genk deserved, was the club’s ninth. No one had thought that the title the season after to Genk would go. Which I was very sorry to find, it is missing out of the Champions League campaign with Genk. With the Club, we also have a shot at glory in the Champions League, but that is very difficult. There is the last years, no Belgian club succeeded through the preliminary rounds by punches, so you know what difficult task we face.”

The technical staff around Philippe Clement is still not around. “That’s true”, decided to Clement. “But I’ve also only just signed. I have a good conversation with Gert Verheyen. Now Gert and the Club only has to come true. Furthermore, there are also a number of people. It is only a matter of time before I have a complete technical staff available to you.”

“He was the perfect man for us”

The performance took place in driesterrenrestaurant Duke Jan of top chef Gert De Mangeleer in Zedelgem. “This is not a new story,” stated general manager Vincent Mannaert. “We take Philippe the thread again after he’s been here for six years, was working as beloftencoach and assistant.”

“I consider our new cooperation a new chapter in the same story”, explained Mannaert. “With the club we will move next summer to the training center in Knokke – a project where Philippe to for two years back to help build – and that we wanted to do with a new coach. Until the end of the last competition we have on the sporty concentrated, but after the season everyone wanted a new chapter to begin. Then you come of course, at Philippe. He knows the house and is currently the best trainer of Belgium, it has to be said. He was the perfect person for us. Philippe has first excellent job at Waasland-Beveren and then in Genk under a lot of pressure for the championship conquered. That we found quite handsome. It went for us and also further than the trophy, the way was impressive.”

“We are firmly convinced that Philippe our players individually could be improved and at the same time, collective outcomes,” decided Mannaert. “That he has in recent years shown and therefore are we crazy for him gone. We feel a lot of enthusiasm among all employees. Philippe was always a very good colleague. We want new beautiful results book.”