Peter Van de Veire presents FOUR program The Battle

7a5a1ea625046e4e2a5172698a654db5 - Peter Van de Veire presents FOUR program The Battle

The presenter of the brand new FOUR-show ‘The Battle’ (working title) is known: no one less than MNM dj and The Smartest Man In the World Peter Van de Veire will take that job soon. Peter will be the spectacular studioshow – which Gert and James their body and mind to the limits with exciting challenges – from beginning to end in a good direction and make sure that everything is fair during the run of the difficult tasks.

Peter Van de Veire: “I am extremely excited. A great evening’s show to present FOUR with two ‘sjarels’ as Gert and James will surely be a challenge, but we have all one thing in common: there is in everyone to a corner. I have to be objective, but I will make them as neutral as possible, try to encourage. And if necessary I will my shoulders to offer them to comfort after a painful fall.”

Peter is tried and tested in the Flemish showbizzwereld. He has 20 years to hear it on the radio and he launched, among other Music For Life for which he has a week left locked up in the Glass House. At this time, he presents the Great Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow at MNM’s and he is still one of the faces of Marathonradio. Also in the field of television, Peter has a lot of water been through: he started on Ketnet with the precursor of Karrewiet and presented then, plenty of great (live)performances: one as the MIA’s, Peter Live, Friends Of the Veire, Sing That Song, Eurosong, Pop up Live, MV Of The Year and Steracteur Sterartiest.