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Parting with a highlight: Eden Hazard gives Chelsea with two goals win in Europa League

3d2105bb7d1639c5f83821b95d90865c - Parting with a highlight: Eden Hazard gives Chelsea with two goals win in Europa League

Eden Hazard with a stunner decreased from Chelsea. The Red Devil won Wednesday night with his ‘Blues’ in the final of the Europa League against city rivals Arsenal with 4-1. Hazard crowned himself in the bombastic Baki Olympiya Stadium to ‘Man of the Match’.

The Baki Olympiya Stadum in Baku was the horrific backdrop of a London derby in the final of the Europa League. An impressive cathedral, though. But the sizzling voetbalsfeer that in a European final hear was not present in the capital of Azerbaijan. The only remainder of the English football fans were so far from the field is removed that they are hardly audible for the players on the field.

The lack of fire in the stands was initially directly proportional to the lack of pace and passion on the field. The first half had little to the body. Arsenal began the best to the match and threatened immediately through Aubameyang and Xhaka, but big chances created, despite the veldoverwicht not.

Chelsea had a long hard, but with the half hour in sight knokten The Blues are back. Eden Hazard finally showed a little bit in the match and offered Emerson twice a schietkans. Chasing number ten of Chelsea was also at the basis of the biggest chance of the first half, but Cech saved the scrubber of Giroud.

Five goals after the break

The contrast with the spectacle after the break could not be greater. Suddenly went all the brakes are off and flew every chance against the ropes. Just four minutes after the break was the 1-0 on the board. Calculated Olivier Giroud opened the score against his ex-team. Emerson swung the ball in from the left, with a strong disastrous buffelde the Frenchman the doctrine beyond Cech. Goal number eleven in the Europa League already for Giroud.

Arsenal was started and Eden Hazard smoke blood. In the sixtieth minute, he offered the 2-0 to Pedro, six minutes later he beat the keeper Cech from the strafschopstip no chance. Arsenal responded immediately with the aansluitingstreffer of invader Iwobi, but Hazard wanted to be his farewell not let it spoil, and took three minutes after the aansluitingstreffer all doubt with his second goal of the evening. A very nice goal after a long-drawn-out one-two with Olivier Giroud.

Going out with a bang. Eden Hazard received a applauswissel in the slotminuten. After 352 matches for Chelsea tap the Red Devil 110 goals, 81 assists and 6 trophies. Real Madrid awaits.