Offender murder Anne Faber: ‘that her family hates me’

d88e212d03f8561d615292eea1d52bbc - Offender murder Anne Faber: ‘that her family hates me’

Michael P. (29) on Wednesday at his trial in appeal in the Dutch city of Arnhem again regret is expressed over the suffering that he has caused. The man raped, abducted and killed the 25-year-old Anne Faber in 2017. ‘Terrible facts’, says P. in are – short – last word, ” I am I deeply aware’.

Anne Faber, disappeared on 29 september 2017, during a bike ride in the wooded area between Den Dolder and Soest, in the province of Utrecht. P. lived at that time in a clinic in Den Dolder, the netherlands, after a conviction for a double rape in 2010. The remains of Faber was almost two weeks after her disappearance found in a by P. grave near Zeewolde.

P. said on Wednesday it is often asked what Faber would have become if he would not have killed. About Fabers family members, he said that he knows that they hate him ‘and rightly so’.

Heavy-handed approach police

His lawyers said Wednesday that P. no preconceived plan had been to kill, and that he is not more than 20 years in prison. They brought with them that only through the confession of their client is that both the rape as the kidnapping and killing of Faber to prove.

The district court sentenced P. last year to 28 years in prison and tbs with dwangverpleging due to kidnapping, rape and qualified homicide, according to the requirement of the Public Prosecutor (OM). P. signed under more filed an appeal against the verdict because he believes the police are after him after his arrest much to heavy handed has addressed. Also why should he be punished, he says.

It demanded Tuesday again 28 years in prison and tbs with dwangverpleging. Unlike the court drew the conclusion that there is evidence for the proposition that he Faber with a preconceived plan to life has brought, and is therefore guilty of murder. The survivors of the Dutch young woman are of the same opinion.

The court gives a ruling on 5 July.