Mueller speaks for the first time and for the last about Ruslandonderzoek: “it is Not possible for Trump to sue’

efa13dd6f7c26a6c4c028deb1243c1d5 - Mueller speaks for the first time and for the last about Ruslandonderzoek: "it is Not possible for Trump to sue'

Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor in the investigation of Russian interference in the American presidential election of 2016, Wednesday afternoon a public statement about his research. ‘I stay with the conclusions in the report,” he said. ‘It was not possible for the president to complain. But if we definitely knew that Trump is not a crime has been committed, we had said that.’

‘Two years ago, I was asked to be special prosecutor of the Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016 to investigate. During that research, I have not spoken about publicly, but now it’s over, I want to give a statement to travel’, put Mueller from the shore. “But ask I will not answer.’

Well made Mueller immediately clear that no one new, explosive revelations was to be expected about the election of president Donald Trump.

“Our record speaks for itself. If there is clear evidence that the president no crime has been committed, we had that it was reported. But the president sue, we were able to under the current guidelines either. The policy of the ministry of Justice says already a long time that a sitting president during his office can’t be sued, that this is unconstitutional. The president to sue for a crime was therefore no legal option that we could consider, ” said Mueller.

Mueller: “It would also be unfair for someone to accuse of a crime, when it is not up to a lawsuit. That remains our final position, and we will not give information about other ways of thinking.’


However, repeated Mueller what was already known was that Russian hackers in 2016, in full election campaign, information about the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and samples via Wikileaks spread. “At the same time, it came from Russia by way of social media tried to get voters to influence,” said Mueller. ‘These accusations were already there, but still had to be examined. So I was asked as a special prosecutor to act. It was crucial for people to be able to speak, to the truth to find out.’

Mueller: ‘Although there are so many attempts from Russia have been to our elections to influence, it remains our conclusion, as the report stated, that there is insufficient evidence to prove a conspiracy with the Trump campaign.’

‘Report carefully prepared’

Noteworthy: Mueller also brought a word of thanks to William Barr, the minister of Justice, because of his choice of the report of the Ruslandonderzoek largely to make it public. From the Democratic party was just a large amount of criticism on the way that Barr’s report had been released, and Mueller himself had this written a letter to Barr.

Mueller: “I hope that this is now the only time that I publicly need to talk about the Ruslandonderzoek. There is speculation about a testimony that I would have to travel for the Congress, but even there, we would have nothing else to say than what’s already in our report. That is very carefully prepared. I think and hope not that I ever more have to say about the research than what I have said, and what is in the report state.’

Congress to put

Several Congressmen have after the declaration of a special Robert Mueller said Wednesday that the parliament is now to move. “Special prosecutor Mueller was not able to criminal complaints against the president, to Congress a reply to the crimes and lies of president Trump. And we will do that, ” said the Democratic chairman Jerry Nadler of the committee for Justice in the House of Representatives.

Also, according to the Republican Kuston Amash ‘the ball is in the camp of the Congress. Earlier this month he put out not under the chairs or benches that he was a impeachment of Trump to put it mildly, not ongenegen was.

According to the Democratic presidential candidate and senator Cory Booker ‘makes the statement of Robert Mueller, the clear. The Congress has the legal and moral duty to start an impeachment procedure to begin.”

‘Case closed’

In a response to the statement of Mueller left the White House Wednesday to know that ” everyone just as the magistrate his ordinary life must include. “The prosecutor has the investigation is completed, his office closed, and the case is closed, according to a statement from spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. “Mr. Mueller said explicitly that he has nothing to add to the report and that he does not intend to testify in Congress,” says the spokeswoman.

“The report is clear,” she said. ‘There was no collusion, no conspiracy and no obstruction of the investigation. After two years of research, through the special prosecutor with his life, everyone should do the same, ” says Sanders.

Also, Donald Trump was on Twitter means that, at least as regards himself, the matter is closed.