Motorcycle club Hells Angels banned in the Netherlands

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Motorcycle club Hells Angels is forbidden in the Netherlands. The court in Utrecht followed Wednesday in a civil proceedings the opinion of the Public Prosecutor (om) TO the Hells Angels in the Netherlands violence to facilitate and glorify. The motorcycle club is considering an appeal.

The court in Utrecht ruled that the motorcycle club Hells Angels a ‘geweldscultuur’ that ‘distinctive and structurally’ and that the club can be charged. “The organization is Hells Angels is a danger for the public order,” according to the court.

The lawyers of the motorcycle club left immediately after knowing that an appeal ” there certainly is, but the judgment must first be discussed. ‘Appeal is certainly in its place’, says lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops on behalf of the Dutch branch of the Hells Angels.

Certainly a question of organization

Knoops argued during the hearing of the case earlier this year that there is absolutely no evidence of an association, and therefore can not be prohibited. “There is no global organisation with an international board.’ According to the lawyer, it goes to people in all kinds of social functions which ‘once a week to a clubhouse and a couple of times per year to a run – join in’.

According to the court, however, the existence of an association and organisation. “The organization acts under the name of Hells Angels in combination with a geographical name. This is also reflected in the clothing and patches, and websites.’

Previous attempt failed

A previous attempt of the ORDER to the Hells Angels to forbid, ran aground ten years ago. The last time is the struggle of the Dutch justice against motorcycle clubs, however, successful. At the end of last year was the motorcycle club Bandidos permanently banned by the court of appeal in Arnhem. Mid-June is a ruling of the court in The Hague about Satudarah expected. The court in Assen has earlier this year over a ban on motorcycle club No Surrender bent. When that ruling comes, it is not yet known.

Hells Angels was in 1948 in the United States was founded by mostly ex-military. About forty years ago, the club officially to the Netherlands.