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MNM-presenter Julie Van den Steen announces retirement: ‘I go do something else’

Julie Van den Steen stops with the Ochtendshow on MNM. That announced they, together with Peter Van de Veire on during the morning in ‘The great Peter Van de Veire ochtendshow’.

Wednesday morning was the (provisionally) last time Julie Of the Stone on the radio was heard. They stop the ochtendshow where they’ve been for five years sidekick is Peter Van de Veire.

The young radiopresentatrice find the time for something different, and also time to sleep. ‘I have here so many wonderful opportunities, ” she said emotionally. “I have learned so much, lovely, interesting people, learn, laugh, cry and angry. Though that last one is also what to do with the fact that my alarm clock every day at three o’clock in the morning goes off.’

New challenge

She thanked Peter Van de Veire for the opportunities that she has gotten. ‘Thanks to myself to discover me, discovering that I can. Thanks to me to do the laugh. You’re my mediapapa, a friend. This was the best ochtendshow of Flanders. But first I’ll take a rest, and don’t stand up for nine hours. But I’m going to do something different, a new challenge. I see you all like, I’m going to give you hard to miss. To fast.”

Peter Van de Veire could during the broadcast, not much else release: ‘you’re welcome’. Julie turned then, one of her lievelingsplaatjes: Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Quindon Tarver.

In a press release says Of the Veire to his sidekick that ” people with your talent should fly out’. ‘Thanks for this wondrous adventure and most importantly: a lot of success with this exciting sequel.’

How her departure at MNM will be collected, is not known. MNM let you know that during the summer time is going to take to have the plans for The Great Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow to work out. “We saw Julie very highly to grow as a producer,” says nethoofd Rino Ver Eecke. ‘Opportunities also means letting go. Julie chose to be her wings. We see her with regret our warm nest.’