Kinepolis Antwerp is the first Belgian full-laser cinema

1b1b58a863d4b525e1fa01be126ef16f - Kinepolis Antwerp is the first Belgian full-laser cinema

Since Kinepolis in June 2018 of a contract concluded with Cinionic – Barco’s cinema joint venture as the exclusive partner for laser projection, it goes hard. In the meantime, Kinepolis in Europe, about 165 rooms with laser projection, of which 68 in Belgium (or almost 50 % of the Belgian Kinepolis cinema). Kinepolis Antwerp to Braine-l’alleud, since this month was the first Belgian cinemas where all the rooms are equipped with laserprojectoren.

An image that explodes off the screen for Kinepolis is an important precondition for the ultimate filmbeleving and laserprojectoren guarantee a razor-sharp image quality. They ensure more stable light, more light in the corners of the screen and higher contrast ratio. The light is also better controlled, thus becoming the correct amount of light is projected, both for 2D and 3D. In addition, save laserprojectoren 30 to 40% energy compared to traditional projectors, on the basis of xenon lamps. This saves Kinepolis Antwerpen 247 MWh of energy on an annual basis, now all of the projectors on the basis of lights are replaced by laserprojectoren. For Kinepolis Braine-l’alleud is that 96 MWh on an annual basis.

Nicolas Hamon, Head of Projection & Sound at Kinepolis: “laser projection will be the norm. The light quality is phenomenal, with better uniformity and sharpness, and also remains stable. Laser makes lamp replacements unnecessary and there is also less need for cooling.”