Julie Of the Stone leaves the VRT

34e31dd7879c61377feb07b669394c0c - Julie Of the Stone leaves the VRT

Julie Van den Steen has just news published:
“Five years ochtendshow with Peter Van de Veire mean five year long sleep deprivation to build up, laugh a lot, learn a lot and a lot of love from and for the listener of MNM. I am so incredibly grateful for all that I have been able to do. But it is time to take a little longer than 03.03 hours to sleep and to think about what comes next. I’m going to MNM listens and works very hard to miss.”

At MNM and extension the whole VRT wishes she Julie have a lot of success with her toekomstplanen. Her ochtendmaatje MNM-dj Peter Van de Veire has a special afscheidswoord for Julie: “Dear Julie: the first day you came too late. The second day you did me a great laugh, and the third day I got a turn around my radio-ears. The 5 years after were the best that a radio dj has to hear and see. The listener of MNM is still not good. People with your talent should fly out. With wings you have in place will bring you now still do not know that they exist. Thanks for this wondrous adventure and most importantly: a huge success with the engaging sequel. And you know: Everything Is Always Good. Always…”