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IOTA introduces major Upgrade “Coordicide” – Coin Hero

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IOTA introduces major Upgrade “Coordicide”

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Marcus Misiak –

The IOTA Foundation has announced that the IOTA network is soon to move into its next phase of development. The Team has found a way to replace the Central coordinator of the network “smoothly” by Coordicide.

According to the official press release Coordicide aims, a new kind of decentralized mechanism for securing the data in the Tangle-based network of IOTA is to provide. The Coordicide Upgrade is treated three main topics: low transaction costs, scalability, and the elimination of centralization treat.

During the IOTA network was in the initial phase of the development, the developers have created the Protocol, a “coordinator” to ensure the safety of the IOTA Token. How in the press release it is mentioned, is the coordinator of a safety mechanism that was developed in order to avoid “Double-Spends”. All by the coordinator of the supported transactions and activities to be validated by IOTA-network node, “so that no money is lost or transactions can be undone”.

IOTA because of this mechanism several times in the past in the criticism because of the “coordinator” of Many (including members of their own community) has been regarded as a Central point of failure (Single Point of Failure) in the network and a certain degree of centralisation made it.

The IOTA Foundation has presented the new concept Coordicide for the first time last November, in a series of Blog Posts. At that time, the IOTA refused a fixed deadline for the dismissal of the coordinator, to determine. “The coordinator can and will be removed when our research team is convinced that we understand the coordinator-free network is sufficient,” he said then.

IOTA has now shown on its most recent conference in Barcelona that the introduction of Coordicide closer. At the recent ReSum session, which was organized by the IOTA-research team and research Council in Barcelona, co-founder of the IOTA project, said Serguei Popov to the fact that the main objective of the summit was to find the best possible way to eliminate the existing centralized coordinator, and to replace him by Coordicide, without harming the network.

David Sønstebø, co-founder of the IOTA Foundation, commented on the proposed deletion of the safety mechanism, as following:

We have been working since the founding of IOTA to the removal of the coordinator hung. With the maturity and the growth of the Protocol and the quality of our research teams, we put this promise into action.

Sønstebø also mentioned that IOTA was developed to eliminate the inherent limitations of the existing Blockchain networks. He revealed that the design goals of IOTA, one of which is the creation of a “feel – good, scalable solution”, “reality”. According to the founders of IOTA, the introduction of the Coordicide Protocol Upgrades marked the completion of an important milestone. The developers of the project are now planning to work on the next phase of growth of the Tangle-based network, which focuses on the introduction in the company.

During the IOTA-research team is confident to have a solution of the coordinator Problem is found, the time plan for the implementation of the solution unclear.

The IOTA Foundation is already working on the implementation, but the schedule of a number of variables depend on“. The IOTA Foundation has a schedule of the beginning of 2020, but that could happen to these variables faster or earlier.

The following is a short presentation video of IOTA you can find to Coordicide:

Featured Image: Tobias Arhelger | Shutterstock

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