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Hitler spot with Anne Frank on Netflix: ‘Tasteless satire’

In the Netflix program ” Historical Roast convert historical figures together for fun, including Adolf Hitler and Anne Frank.

In the latest episode, creeps Rachel Feinstein in the skin of Anne Frank, who insults a fictional Adolf Hitler on her plate, such as ” all the reports from the Second world War that I have read, is your book is by far the most flammable’.

The Anne Frank Foundation showed to the NRC to know the episode not to have seen. “But judging from what we read, it is tasteless satire.’ More if the organisation is not lost.

Also the Dutch Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel (ORGANIZATION), the roast unappetizing. “I think sometimes we forget that there are still survivors, and that traumas to endure in other generations. For many people, this is indeed close. It is a worrying development, people see the Holocaust as something that is separate from us.’

History lesson

Netflix says that satire is a way ‘the debate about the history to stimulate the eye to increase, people else, and they call to let go’. The creators call it ” provocative with a purpose’. The goal is to get people to learn something about the history.

The roasts are made by the American comedian Jeff Ross, himself of jewish origin. Ross has in interviews with American media, said: “I roast only people of whom I love. In Anne Frank seems to many people her story forgotten. Never to forget, should you be informed about what happened.”

The ‘roasts’ are a popular format in the US. Also American celebrities, including Donald Trump and Justin Bieber, were all willing ‘roasten’ by Jeff Ross and co.