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Go Rosas, Kaaitheater merge? ‘Nothing is decided’

432692018dc0b195bd215a27e8cd5352 - Go Rosas, Kaaitheater merge? ‘Nothing is decided’

According to dramaturge Esther Severi (Kaaitheater) there is a possible merger on the lift are with the Rosas dance company Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. The Board of directors of Kaaitheater denies that this was intended, or that a consent would be.

The Board of directors of the Kaaitheater, has a few conversations behind the back with Rosas, to see whether the already close cooperation between the Brussels centre for the arts and the dance company might be enhanced. That also told Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker this weekend in an interview with this newspaper.

According to dramaturge Esther Severi, who would be far-reaching cooperation, however, a merger may work. That is according to her as ‘a hammer blow’ for the staff of the Kaaitheater. “For the team of the Kaaitheater remains the central question is why we as a centre for the arts in that way, one artist would connect. We change so fundamentally not the DNA of our house?’, as she writes in a personal capacity, but supported by a number of colleagues, in an open letter on cultuursite Rekto:verso.

“The Quay is always a place whose identity has again and again formed by a range of artists that the house is (temporarily) inhabit’, the letter continues. ‘That one artist in a house takes the most prominent place in medicine, both spatially and on paper, may still be justified in structures as stadstheaters, but within an arts centre defies all logic.’


Bénédicte Lobelle, a board member of the Kaaitheater, denies that it is already so far would be. ‘There are on the question of Rosas, a few exploratory discussions have been held, but there has never been the case of a merger or an acquisition’, she emphasizes. ‘There is certainly no blauwprint of a possible collaboration, let alone that Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, director of the Kaaitheater.’

Lobelle denies that a possible merger would fit in with the ambition of Kaaitheater and Rosas, in conjunction, with Parts dance school and residentieplek Workspace Brussels to promote to ‘Flemish art institution’, as well as The Singel and the AB. According to Severi, this is, however, an important motivation behind the calls and would be there even though political support for his.

‘Currently, talks with Rosas on hold, “says Lobelle. ‘First we want a new general and artistic coordinator of recruitment at the Kaaitheater. It is then up to that person to live in all freedom the further artistic course of the Kaaitheater to give form, not to the board of directors.’

Luk Van den Bosch, managing director of Rosas, wish for the time being not to react.