Eva De Roo secretly married

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The newspapers of “media house” address Wednesday with exciting news: Studio Brussel presenter Eva De Roo and Jan Paternoster are married. The couple promised each other two weekends geleven eternal allegiance during a huuwelijksplechtigheid. By the end of 2018 it became known that Eva De Roo and Jan Paternoster were going to get married. Eva was during Music For Life spotted with an engagement ring. The presenter at that time was already a few years together with Jan Paternoster, the frontman of Black Box Revelation. Their relationship only came in the summer of 2017 to the light. In the autumn of 2016 were Eva De Roo and Jan Paternoster can still be seen in The Smartest Man In the World, they would still not fall in love with each other. The wedding would have taken place in the domain of singer Daan in Overijse. The singer and musician has a big farm, ideal for a beautiful wedding party to organize. A few days ago put Eva in a photo online showing a paper sling, consisting of white doves. “Season of the doves”, wrote Eva in the photo which, in addition, they on his left cheek was kissed by her husband. It was a signal to the outside world that the couple is married.