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Europa League final is latest piece of art from chasing Eden Hazard with Chelsea: “He is bored sometimes”

9698c4c44cf1d97f306d1dfa83c12a19 - Europa League final is latest piece of art from chasing Eden Hazard with Chelsea: “He is bored sometimes”

Wednesday night in the olympic stadium in the Azerbaijani capital city Baku the final of the Europa League between the English clubs Chelsea and Arsenal played. For Eden Hazard, after seven seasons, the last game for Chelsea, the expectation is that after the final, his transfer to Real Madrid finally completed. Hazard wants to be in beauty, shut down and aiming with a second Europa League in its sixth prize at the London club.

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The Europa League was also the first trophy that Hazard at that time in 2013 with Chelsea won, though he was there when in the 1-2 final win against Benfica due to injury. Thereafter followed two league titles (2015 and 2017), League Cup (2015) and the FA Cup (2018).


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Chelsea-coach Maurizio Sarri can be in the finals already not to count on the an Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Callum Hudson-Odoi, while there are question marks after the name of midfielder N’Golo Kanté, who suffers from a kniekwetsuur. With a third place in the Premier League is Chelsea next season already assured of Champions League football, but the club still needs a price to an otherwise grey season to brighten up. “Then it would still be a wonderful season,” let Sarri already clearly understood.

The Italian left is also from Hazard. “During the competition it is a pleasure to him to have, during the training sometimes a problem. He is bored, sometimes, for him, everything is really very easy. He is currently one of the most important players in Europe, in the world,” said Sarri, that the rumors about a departure to Juventus afhield. “I only want to the final thought. I also have a two year contract with Chelsea,” a voice said.


The match was in the distant Baku is played, has over the last few weeks for a lot of commotion. As it was Arsenal’s choice for the Azerbaijani capital is already unacceptable, after the club a lot of complaints from fans had gotten what concerns the ticketverdeling and logistical problems. The distance between London stadiums of the two clubs is only twelve kilometers, but now fans prefer to 4.600 km to travel to the finals to attend. In addition, there are few direct flights between London and Baku and the movement is fairly pricey. The fear of both clubs, is now also fulfilled: more than half of the 6,000 tickets that both clubs in the decision had been given, had unsold must be returned to UEFA. The 64.000 place in the olympic stadium in Baku will primarily be occupied by local football fans, not a good taste for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS this coming year, because then there will be in Azerbaijan in three group matches and a quarter final finish.

This was also the decision of Arsenal to his Armenian midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan not to include in the selection, because, according to the club the safety of the Armenian cannot be guaranteed, given the tense relationship between the two countries. The authorities in Azerbaijan hurried then to the safety of the player to ensure, but could the player not bring you to other thoughts. “That is a personal decision and we need to respect that,” said Arsenal coach Unai Emery already.

Champions League

For the Gunners there is sporting quite a bit on the game to the edges of the Caspian Sea. In the Premier League grip the club with a fifth place alongside the Champions League, and so there is a victory in the Europa League need to be there next season to be on the kampioenenbal. Arsenal played in that league for seventeen seasons in a row, but did the last two seasons not to place. With Unai Emery they have the right man on board, Seville, he led between 2014 and 2016 to three League titles in a row. For goalkeeper Petr Cech is back in the last match in his career.

Saturday there is then in Madrid the final of the Champions League between Tottenham and vicekampioen Liverpool and that all together makes for a first in football: never played after all four clubs from the same country, the two most important finals of European club football. Three of the English clubs come also from the same city, namely, London (Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham).