Czechs come out on street to protest against government

1f4a8de9d8281d78915a3adb08f0f6a0 - Czechs come out on street to protest against government

In the Czech republic are thousands of protesters on state to protest against the government of prime minister Andrej Babis. In the second largest city of Brno came according to the police Tuesday night, about 2,500 people on the street.

The protesters had signs with ” Babis in the prison’ and ‘resignation’, message the news agency CTK. Also in Plzeň, Ostrava, Liberec, hundreds of people came together.

The demonstrations were for the fifth week in a row, organized by the network ” Millions of times for democracy’. Reason is that prime minister Babis is accused of subsidiefraude. The public prosecutor must decide whether complaints are filed against the founder of the populist ANO party.

The protesters fear that justice is not independent under the new minister Marie Benesova. She is considered a confidant of president Milos Zeman. Opponents have denounced that the 71-year-old Benesova of the research against Babis can slow down.

In the capital, Prague, is next week a big event.