Court in Myanmar writes arrest warrant out for extremist monk Wirathu

cc7c9e6fb3dd0e03273358cc209b5bd9 - Court in Myanmar writes arrest warrant out for extremist monk Wirathu

A court in the South-east Asian country Myanmar, Tuesday a warrant of arrest issued against the extremist monk Wirathu. That writes the local news site Myanmar Now Wednesday. Wirathu is the face of the antimoslimbeweging in his country, and is also very critical of the government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

The arrest came after an employee of the Department for General Administration complaint was filed against the monk for sedition, says Myanmar Now. About the content of the lawsuit, nothing is yet known.

During recent rallies, accused Wirathu the government of corruption, and he expressed criticism of its efforts to the constitution to change the army less power. He accused Aung San Suu Kyi, who as adviser of the state’ the government leads them to be influenced by and to ‘sleep with’ foreigners.

Up to lifelong

According to Myanmar Now, the maximum punishment for sedition for life. Under the military junta ended up Wirathu in 2003, is already in prison. Then, in 2012 he was released, he started in the whole country talks that often were directed against the Rohingya, a muslim ethnic minority in Myanmar who human rights massively violated.

The highest religious authority of Myanmar banned Wirathu a year to preach, because he was engaging in haatzaaierij. That period came last year end. In January last year, Wirathu banned from Facebook, and Thailand banned him last month to enter the country.