Boris Johnson for judge appear on Brexit-statements

acfa31047020171c410e32dcb2400372 - Boris Johnson for judge appear on Brexit-statements

Conservative heavyweight Boris Johnson must be in Great Britain appear before the judge for rulings he did in the run-up to the Brexit referendum. A judge has decided that the candidate prime minister are charged with deception.

After British parliament member Boris Johnson with crowdfunding, personally, was persecuted, a court now decided that he needs to answer for their deception. The subject of the allegations are false statements that Johnson would have done in the run-up to the referendum on a departure of Great Britain from the European Union in 2016.

Johnson stated during that campaign several times to mean that the United Kingdom 350 million pounds per week in the direction of Brussels sent, inform the lawyers that the action against the possible successor of the opgestapte prime minister Theresa May is he.

The legal team, through crowdfunding managed to more than 400,000 pounds to collect, states that it is not the intention is to use the Brexit to avoid or postpone it.

‘The accusations expressed are not proven, and I say me, not”, said judge Margot Govey in her ruling. “I am convinced that this case before the court must be resolved. The accused is in the courtroom for the first hearing.’