Australian ‘egg boy’ donates gifts to victims, Christchurch

An Australian teenager threw an egg broken on the head of an extreme right-wing politician, after a connection had been made between the immigration of muslims and the attacks in Christchurch. He was then to 100,000 Australian dollars (60,000 euros) through crowdfunding, but will donate now.

Will Connolly, nicknamed ‘Egg boy’, pitched in march, and an egg to the head of senator Fraser Anning, during a meeting in Melbourne. Anning, who at the federal elections this month failed Senaatszetel to maintain, struck Connolly then twice in the face.

Tuesday night, the 17-year-old teenager that he is all of the money that the public him poured through two crowdfundingacties, one to his legal costs to pay and one to get more eggs to buy, donated to the slachtofferfonds Christchurch Foundation and Victims Support. ‘Fortunately, worked for Gordon Legal (a law firm, ed.) pro Bono for me, so I have no legal fees. I decided to give all the money to donate to the victims of the massacre. It is not up to me to keep it, ” wrote Connolly on Instagram, which is also said to hope that the money the victims ‘what is enlightenment’ can bring.

The Australian parliament decided to mark Annings comments about the attacks formally to him to censor, ‘for his ‘ seditious and splitting comments. Connolly received an official warning from the police, and admitted later that his act is not the right thing to do’.