The netherlands is the lamb by pensioenstaking

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In the Netherlands is the public transport still. That is the result of a large pensioenstaking that Tuesday at midnight is started. It is going to be the biggest strike in the last 15 years.

“Here at Amsterdam Central station it is currently very quiet and I have heard that this is also the case at other stations”, says a spokesperson of the track. By that strike came the morning when the neighbors asked. The strike of public transport on Tuesday is Wednesday, followed by a 24 hour strike in different sectors.

According to the spoorwoordvoerder do people seem well prepared for the situation, and they will be sufficiently informed by information boards on the stations hang out. The strike has also affected the rail traffic in Belgium. Trains from Antwerp and Hasselt to the Netherlands to stop at the border. The C train to Amsterdam would normally drive, but SNCB recommends that travelers to the timetable to consult.

Because the court determined that Schiphol is accessible, is there a ‘noodpendel from Amsterdam Centraal to the airport. On the track to drive four trains per hour, normally are that there is 25 per hour. “The first people to make use of the pendulum,” says the spokesman. ‘Very busy, it is not yet, but it’s still early.’

At about 06.45 hours were all 30 files with a length of 105 kilometres, reports the agency. “It is around this time twice as busy as normal on the roads, reports the AA. It was called to as much as possible, carpooling. Schiphol airport asks people to visit the airport as much as possible, to avoid.


With the strikes hope the Dutch trade unions the government to its knees to get what they see as a ‘decent pension’ it. The consultation on the pension system between the unions and the government failed late last year. The unions demands, inter alia, a freezing of the retirement age and pensions meestijgen with inflation. Furthermore, plead for ‘a pension for everyone’, so also for the self-employed. People who do heavy work, should rather be able to stop.