Reactions after promotion Sparta and European ticket FC Utrecht

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Reactions after promotion Sparta and European ticket FC Utrecht

May 28, 2019 18:26
28-05-19 18:26
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In the finals of the play-offs were Tuesday Go Ahead Eagles-RKC Waalwijk (4-5), De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam (0-2) Vitesse-FC Utrecht (0-2) on the program. Click here to read all the responses.

Good evening! We (Robbert van der Linde and Lennart Clamp) hold you through this liveblog on the height of the play-offs in our country.

  • FC Utrecht are going to Europe in
  • RKC and Sparta, to promote
  • Degradation The County

Vitesse-Utrecht 0-2
Go Ahead-RKC 4-5
County-Sparta 0-2De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 3 minutes geledenSparta and RKC hear in the Eredivisie.

  • Yes
  • Only RKC
  • Only Sparta
  • Both

De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 11 minutes ago

🎶”Tutututu ‘ Fraser”


AuteurSparta RotterdamMoment of plaatsen23:17 – 28 may 2019De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 12 minutes ago

Two Rotterdam clubs in the Premier league next season: Feyenoord and Sparta Rotterdam.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 17 minutes geledenHet is to put it mildly, not a very good day for Charlison Benschop.

Charlison Benschop degrades today two times. With De Graafschap, and FC Ingolstadt. #graspa


AuteurMartijn VisscherMoment of plaatsen22:41 – 28 may 2019De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 23 minutes ago



AuteurSparta RotterdamMoment of plaatsen23:03 – may 28, 2019De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 25 minutes ago

De Graafschap coach Henk de Jong at FOX Sports: “It was from both sides not good. Sparta played it pretty smart. As you can see in the 0-1 that something else breaks. I found Sparta, however, what is better, especially on the second balls. You saw the tension in both teams. We play football for weeks, not so good and that you saw today again. Every long ball is almost dangerous. Over two matches we have rightly lost of Sparta. We defend just very hard.”Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 27 minutes ago

Party at FC Utrecht after European football is a fact. The players and staff celebrate with each other and the remainder of supporters.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 30 minutes ago

Sparta coach Henk Fraser at FOX Sports: “This scenario, I find, is actually better than the early score. You keep going, but you see it is actually not more to arrive. That guests demonstrate a mental toughness and then, if it happens… Yeah, that’s great. You are completely exhausted after such a joy-burst. The play-offs we have played as it should be with Sparta. Luck force you indeed.”Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 32 minutes ago

Also owner and lender Frans van Seumeren share in the revelry at FC Utrecht.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 32 minutes ago



AuteurSparta RotterdamMoment of plaatsen22:45 – 28 may 2019De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 39 minutes ago

Also in Doetinchem we get this kind of images to us. It will be a party to RKC, and Sparta.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 39 minutes ago

FC Utrecht will give Dick Advocaat a nice parting gift. In the last match of the 71-year-old coach as a trainer of Utrecht, guides he the Domstedelingen to European football. Nice to see how he is still like a child so happy after the last fluitsignaal.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 42 minutes geledenEmotie with Lars Veldwijk after reaching the Premier league.

Congratulations @SpartaRotterdam with your return in the Premier league!! #graspa


AuteurRotterdamMoment of plaatsen22:43 – 28 may 2019De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · 44 minutes ago

The moment of today: Auassar is the headline in the 0-2 within and helps Sparta to promotion to the Eredivisie.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour agoAuassar: ‘Wonderful that I have the winning make’
“From the beginning, we were under pressure, but then you see what team we are,” said a euphoric Adil Auassar, that the decisive goal was made. “The last time we battled and this is the reward. We have all done, great that I the winning. So you see that Ramadan is not always negative need to be,” concludes the matchwinner with a knipoog.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour agoVeldwijk: ‘Difficult year, but here we are anyway’
“Here we have the whole year over. People had us written off, but here we are anyway,” beams Lars Veldwijk. “We have won, we are promoted. This is also for the trainer Henk Fraser). We say to each other sometimes quite the truth and sometimes I find him a bastard, but not tonight.”De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geledenNet as RKC is the delight greatly in the candidate: Sparta is back!



AuteurSparta RotterdamMoment of plaatsen22:41 – 28 may 2019De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

⚽ – For the 4th time in the last 6 seasons to degrade both Eredivisionisten who participate in the play-offs. #graspa #playoffs


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen22:40 – 28 may 2019De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

Most of the degradations from the Eredivisie:
The County – 9
FC Volendam – 9
Excelsior – 8
VVV-Venlo – 7


AuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen22:36 – 28 may 2019De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

Again, a comeback, again in the final. Sparta and RKC play next season in the Premier league!De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

Past! Sparta wins in The County (0-2) and was promoted to the Premier league!

The Locals to recover from a 1-2-thuisnederlaag and win by hits of Halil Dervisoglu and Adil Auassar in Doetinchem.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geleden90+4′ Dramatic long ball of The County. Sparta has the ball and still have a half a minute overleven.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geledenNog one minute on the clock in Doetinchem…De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geleden90+3′ Almost the 1-2! Newport gets the ball at his feet, and studieth not but goalkeeper Tim Coremans is in the right place and will return with a bang hard.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour ago

FC Utrecht again via play-offs Europe
Thanks to a 0-2 victory at Vitesse has FC Utrecht for the second qualifying round of the Europa League. In Arnhem provide Cyriel Dessers and Simon Gustafson for the goals, making the Domstedelingen for the fifth time in the play-offs of European football. Vitesse can the whole game not fist and ends the match with ten men after a red card for Mohammed Dauda.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geleden90+2′ Dervisoglu can decide in the counter, but shoots over. The County lives nog.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geleden90+2′ The pressure of The County is enormous, but the home team fails to have a real chance to come. Do it yet for the formation of Henk de Jong?De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geledenEr come still four minutes in Doetinchem…De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geleden90′ one more minute in the official playing time. The County urges, but creates nothing.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour agoPast! FC Utrecht beat Vitesse Arnhem with 0-2 and grabs the ticket for European football!Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour ago

Simon Gustafson celebrates after the match on behalf of FC Utrecht match has beslist.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geledenHet sat there for a long time not in, but the box can (for now) and party!

Box is losss!


AuteurRijnmond SportMoment of plaatsen22:27 – 28 may 2019Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden86′ Striking moment: Bahebeck, who as a substitute only a minute or twenty in the field, Solicitor to the side achieved. The Frenchman doesn’t look happy. Michiel Kramer may the last minutes trying to get the ball up front to houden.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geledenBeslist is it only when there is blown off, as was discovered earlier today in Deventer. The County is again and still a renewal force? Sparta is virtually promoted, but one goal of The County extra tijd.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago,83′ GOAL Sparta! 0-2

Here we go again! Sparta comes in at 0-2 and is virtual Fc! Adil Auassar is the headline clever touch from a corner, but The County is slapen.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago

80′ now We are going to really start on the final phase. Sparta calls, but it can also have the 0-2?Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden79′ Red for the Vitesse! The mission of Vitesse is now already completely become impossible. Substitute player Mohammed Dauda is going to be hard in a tackle and referee Makkelie will be treated to a red card. FC Utrecht plays a match won and goes to the second qualifying round of the Europa League in.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geleden79 Nice blast of Veldwijk of a meter or seventeen, but the ball goes narrowly naast.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geleden78′ Another quarter of an hour (including extra time) in Doetinchem. We also get here a day full of superlatives????Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour ago,76′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 0-2

This seems to be the decision in favour of FC Utrecht. The spaces in the back for Vitesse to be larger and that will benefit Simon Gustafson. The Swedish midfielder is deep sent, omspeelt Remko Pasveer and slide the ball into the net. The people from arnhem have now in a quarter of an hour, three goals to make Europe gaan.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour ago,74′ GOAL Sparta! 0-1

There is the goal from the visitors! Lars Veldwijk is still running twice Bertrams, but Halil Dervisoglu tap from close within. The Rotterdammers have now one more hit is needed.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden74′ Finally a moment of excitement. The conversion of the Region is sharp, but good. Bahebeck gets his toe to it, but leans too far back and sits his bet overvliegen.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geleden69′ For the people who are after Go Ahead Eagles-RKC Waalwijk have diverted to The County-Sparta Rotterdam is quite used to it. This second final in the battle for the Premier league is less a spectacle. Sparta will score a goal have to make in order to change.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour ago

70 With more than three-quarters of the match played, there is no problem for FC Utrecht. Vitesse is not in a position to the solid defence of the visitors from each other to play. Nevertheless, it is wise to be vigilant, because we have just been a crazy day over…Go Ahead Eagles-RKC Waalwijk · one hour ago

A fellow RKC out of danger
The staff member of RKC Waalwijk in the rest of the nursery promotion trial at Go Ahead Eagles became unwell, is out of danger. His condition is stable. According to the RKC was the staff member is hit by a heart attack. He was immediately resuscitated and transported to a hospital. By the incident in the RKC dressing room, the second half started in Deventer with some delay. RKC won the exciting duel to a Premier league ticket with 4-5.Go Ahead Eagles-RKC Waalwijk · one hour ago

The party at the RKC was also afterwards in the dressing room properly.Vitesse-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden61′ Goalscorer Cyriel Dessers is fatigued and is going to look like. Although, fatigued? On his goal after we have him, not too many seen, but if it is enough for European football, no one will be there at times. Jean-Cristophe Bahebeck is his vervanger.De Graafschap-Sparta Rotterdam · one hour geleden59′ Sparta continues to try, but for the time being. We get a spectacle as in Deventer, the netherlands, or The County of the a lot less fur?Vitesse-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

Next to the goal, it was the most spectacular moment in the race so far: Dessers gives Maikel van der Werff a zwiep, then the Vitesse defender over the boards launched.Back to top

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