Puigdemont gets wrong European Court

26d630fc2b88f854c70ef2ce55a78de3 - Puigdemont gets wrong European Court

The European Court of Human Rights (ECTHR) has a complaint of the Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont rejected. Spain has his right to free speech is not curtailed by him to prohibit the Catalan independence call out, is the judgment.

Puigdemont and several supporters had in October 2017, opposition to the prohibition of a parliamentary session, in which the independence of the Spanish region would be proclaimed.

But the Spanish constitutional court had the ban acted in the interest of public safety, according to the ECTHR. That Puigdemont, despite the ban on October 10, 2017 during a plenary session however, the independence had been declared, is a violation of a previous decision of the constitutional court, according to the ECTHR in Strasbourg.

Former regional president Puigdemont and 75 other Catalan politicians, including former president Carme Forcadell, had the ban on the plenary session a restriction on their right to gather and free speech seen. Under the leadership of Puigdemont had the regional government of Catalonia on October 1, 2017, a referendum on independence is held, although this is by the Spanish justice was forbidden.

After the vote, and the subsequent onafhankelijkheidsbesluit was Catalonia by Madrid for months under a guardianship order made. Puigdemont fled to Belgium, where he was in exile, but he conquered in the European elections of Sunday a seat in the European parliament. Forcadell must be currently in Spain for the court to answer for their rebellion and the abuse of public resources.