Netflix threatens Georgia to boycott for the sake of abortuswet

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Streaming service Netflix is thinking about his full investment in the American state of Georgia, to revisit it as the strict abortuswet in the state of in operation. The company informs that. The series Stranger Things , and Ozark are in the state recorded.

The new law will in 2020 become effective if the Supreme court they are not stopped. The law prohibits abortion once the embryo with a heartbeat is detected, which is possible from the sixth week of the pregnancy. The so-called “Heartbeat Bill” provides exceptions for medical reasons. For the victims of rape or incest, no exceptions allowed.

Last week was also already known that several filmmakers of their recordings in the state have been halted due to the abortuswet. “Many women work for productions in Georgia and their rights, together with those of millions of others heavy are infringed by this legislation,” says Netflix. ‘That’s why we work together with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union, eds.) in order to fight in the court. Because the law is not yet effective, we continue to be there filming, but we also support our partners and artists that don’t want to do more. If the law is still in effect occurs, we will have our full investment in the Georgia review.’

On Tuesday the Supreme court has the strict abortuswet of the state of Indiana partially retained, making hospitals the remains of a fetus must be buried or cremate. According to the judges, violates the law, the rights of the women who are for abortion choose not. The Supreme Court does, however, retain the blocking of a law that abortion on the basis of gender, race or disability doesn’t allow.

So, it indicates that it is not yet ready to examine the deeper abortuskwesties, which have led to Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood. These judgments give women in the US the right to choose abortion, and according to insiders would be the strict abortuswetten in the states of Georgia and Alabama only, but have come to these judgments by the Supreme court to review.

By the appointment by president Donald Trump, two judges (Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh) the Supreme Court has clearly shifted to the right, reducing the real chance seems to be that the court of justice for a abortusverbod would choose. After the judgment about Indiana it seems, however, that such a decision is not yet immediately.