Kristel Verbeke together with Sven The Knight in the theater

eb0f3520caedb6da1a55d0f420693ee2 - Kristel Verbeke together with Sven The Knight in the theater

Former K3-tyou Kristel Verbeke delves into the theatre. In the new theatre season will be the former black-haired K3 will play a role in one of the new theatre productions that this autumn in the Fakkeltheater in Antwerp. The Showbizz-Site brought the news a few days ago, meanwhile, it is also clear that Kristel in ‘Christmas the tree in’ will play. Day All know that Kristel in the komsche piece of the wife of Sven De Ridder will play. After Karen Damen dares so also Kristel Verbeke to in the theatre play. “When Sven asked me for his new piece, I had immediately a lot of sense in it. Surprised myself that I said yes, because it is a bit out of my comfort zone”, responding Kristel in Day All. Kristel acted in the past in the sitcom ‘Hallo K3!’, there were also the films of Q3 and also during the shows, there were short scenes effectively acted. For Kristel is her first role for the Sven The Knight Company and since she looks huge to from. Kristel is in ‘Christmas the tree in’ Charlotte, the wife of Cisse. He hates Christmas, Charlotte is fond of socializing and partying and that makes of course for a lot of hoopla in the family.