James Cooke in tears in Bedgeheimen

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See you from Tuesday to Thursday, also to the ‘Bedgeheimen’ with James Cooke in Gert Late Night? Three times per week delves James Cooke, together with one of the weekgasten of Gert Late Night into bed for an intimate conversation. Often deliver calls emotional television and that is fully the merit of James Cooke. Tuesday is the presenter in The Latest News and tells James that the idea of Gert Verhulst. That at the time proefopnames for the heading, but Gert appeared to be impatient to this section for the account. “For George, everything must go forward, but I like to take the time for a chat. Such a call for ‘Bedgeheimen’ can be one and a half hours”, tells James in The Latest News. One and a half hour film in order to reduce to a 2-3 minute television. After the recordings of ‘Bedgeheimen’, there is also the mounting and plays in James an important role. Regularly we see people with tears in the eyes, but those moments cut James is often out in the assembly. “Do you know what it is? People don’t get often the question of how they feel. If it happens once, firing them myself often of what they tell you,” he says in The Latest News. Sometimes even to the extent that James simply own the tears ran down his cheeks. Several famous people were, however, very far in the stories that they told. Just think of Jinnih Beels that about her sick husband said, Rob Vanoudenhoven about his father, and last week Steven Goegebeur who told me that he was unhappy.

The pictures found in the cabin of James place, there is one camera and some microphones. “”You know that I was in the first two seasons of nightmares I’ve had that the whole night continued to run while I slept? Before I go to sleep I pull all the equipment out. And no, sex, I have also not yet had. (laughs) I do not like to think that I am emotional conversations is to run while I was there a few hours earlier still have rollebollen,” laughs James.