Gert Verhulst: ‘I have as a child, my rabbit accidentally vertrappeld’

969831887e31e5dcd09c9e1a41bb79ef - Gert Verhulst: 'I have as a child, my rabbit accidentally vertrappeld'

This week will be Grillmasters halt in Italy. For the nine duo will begin the assignment on the football field of FC Calcio Genk. The colourful Italian Flemings of that Genk team to begin their season, traditional pizza from one of Europe’s best pizzaiolo’s, townsman Rocco Cagliastro. This time with the duo after a crash course pizzabakken for the footballers and their friends pizza grilling.
Not an easy chore, because the grillers should be aware of a few sacred cows. “People who like pineapple on their pizza are not people. That his children,” says Samy. Which duo wins thanks to his pizza the exemption?

The next day, the duo’s back at home in the Grillmasterkeuken in the Saint-Jansbergklooster. On the menu is rabbit, according to the “cucina povera”, loosely translated: the armeluiskeuken. And that means that the grillers the rabbit from snout to tail. The duo’s have the langoren still hand cutting, with reversing stomachs and screaming as a result.
The well-known taste of the week is none other than foodie and Italofiel Gert Verhulst, he should be not less than nine bunnies tasting and judging. Gert however has a troubled past with rabbits. “I have a rabbit as a pet until I accidentally am. Death. A traumatic experience from my youth.”