French government: ‘Arrested suspect without a doubt offender attack Lyon’

d4ac0812348115c1e074041eb5130c31 - French government: ‘Arrested suspect without a doubt offender attack Lyon’

The minister of Home Affairs, mr Christophe Castaner, Tuesday to French media have stated that according to him ‘no doubt’ that the 24-year-old suspect in custody, “the party responsible” for the attack in Lyon on Friday, thirteen people wounded.

‘The investigation is still ongoing, but with the elements that to me are presented, at the moment I have no doubt that we are the responsible of the attack today in detention”, said minister of Home Affairs Castaner Tuesday.

The 24-year-old Mohamed M., probably of Algerian origin, is suspected of the bompakket placed for the bakery in the heart of Lyon. The young man is Monday, questioned and taken into custody. Shortly thereafter were also his parents and a relative were arrested.

According to the minister, has the young man on the internet a number of remarkable purchases made. That would be the 330 employed agents have allowed to the man quickly to detect.

On the question of the suspected Algerian nationality of the suspect wanted Castaner’t answer. ‘That confirm or deny does not take away that there are thirteen injured, ” he said. ‘The young man had a visa for a short stay and he had a student visa applied for to go to school, but the student visa, he has not been given.’

The thirteen lichtgewonden are eight women, four men and a girl of 10 years old. Eleven of the injured were admitted to the hospital.