Freddy Davis brings a tribute to Flanders

60d47ad3f5940180e744d34f1feab47f - Freddy Davis brings a tribute to Flanders

On his new single ‘My small Vlaanderenland’ brings Freddy Davis a beautiful ballad that is a tribute to Flanders. Freddy is currently in its busiest years as an artist. Except for his previous single ‘With the sun in my eyes ” was released a month ago his new album ’19 times heartily’. In addition, the offers for gigs also constantly increase, and Freddy just about anywhere in Flanders is a welcome guest at many venues. As if that wasn’t enough, this year’s two additional singles released.

His fanclub is growing and flourishing like never before and is exceptionally active with the organisation of activities and travel to within the country and abroad. Slowly but surely approaching the ‘Flemish Holiday’ with this new single already a first great impetus. ‘My small Vlaanderenland’ was released by D & V and is available through the well-known internet portals.