FPÖ-head Strache allowed to sit in the European Parliament despite Ibiza-gate

b7824230e18084ee8fe9f7fcc10c830c - FPÖ-head Strache allowed to sit in the European Parliament despite Ibiza-gate

Ex-vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache of the far-right Vrijheidspartij of Austria (FPÖ) drag a seat in the European Parliament in the wait. Notify local media Monday, a week after a controversial video of him his resignation as Austrian vice-chancellor yielded.

According to public television channel ÖRF and news agency APA got Strache Sunday, more than the 32,000 votes necessary for a seat in Strasbourg to conquer. Strache was only lijstduwer of FPÖ, but he would, nevertheless, more than 37,000 votes have been achieved. It is unclear whether Strache his office also is effective.

On 18 may had the 49-year-old Austrian resigned as vice-chancellor and party chairman after incriminating footage of him surfaced in German media. On a video to see how Strache during a holiday in Ibiza was willing to use public procurement to play a woman, posing as the niece of a Russian oligarch. In return would the Russians, the largest Austrian newspaper over and FPÖ to a victory help.

Strache had the honor to himself, and took himself a dismissal. Chancellor Kurtz (ÖVP) had two demands: early elections and the resignation of minister of Internal Affairs, and Herbert Kickl. That last was because at the time of the video responsible for the finances of the FPÖ. Kurtz knew both. As a response, got all of the FPÖ-ministers from the government.

A seat less

Despite the hoopla about the video allowed the FPÖ to limit the damage in the European elections. The party took to 17.2 percent of the vote, good for three European seats. Over the past five years had FPÖ about four seats. With 34,9% of the vote and seven seats won by the conservatives of chancellor Sebastian Kurz the ballot. On the second place followed by the social democratic SPO 23.4 percent of the vote and five seats.

Through a motion of censure have the SPÖ, the small opposition party, JETZT and FPÖ Monday Kurz on the dyke as chancellor. He would be the incident with Strache abuse to early elections. SPÖ-chairman lashed out at Kurtz, and called his actions a ” shameless, untamed and irresponsible seizure’. In september in Austria, new elections take place.