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European Conference of Rabbis wants Jewish emoji

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The European Conference of Rabbis wants to be a Jewish emoji launch. They make a emoji with a kippah, a Jewish head covering.

“It is a small symbol, but it may be the first sign that we are accepted and not strangers’, as the reason of European rabbis. They, therefore, have a letter sent to the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organization that is the international standard for the coding of graphic characters and symbols regulates.

A Jewish emoji, according to the rabbis, a means to continue to fight anti-semitism. They hope that the new emoji being picked up by, for example, WhatsApp.

They point out that there are all emoji’s existence of a muslim woman with a headscarf and a man with a turban. “If there emoji’s existence of holebikoppels, or of persons in muslim garb, then there is, according to us, also space for a Jewish emoji”, writes the European Conference of Rabbis to the Unicode Consortium.

WhatsApp has already emoji’s with Jewish symbols, a seven-branched candlestick, a synagogue and a Star of david.