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Can Ferrari still fight back in the F1 championship?

015c1d3476be8c1964367d536fe16a7d - Can Ferrari still fight back in the F1 championship?

Also in Monaco could Ferrari not a fist against the violence of the Mercedes. The only bright spot of the weekend for the Scuderia was the second place of Sebastian Vettel, but what is its share in the crisis that Ferrari is currently experiencing?

In racing, the question is to be human and machine is perfect to work together. This is clearly the case with Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, as a duo, they dominate the Formula 1 since 2014.

On paper, that would be when Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari is also the case, the German is a four-time world champion and the legendary Italian renstal everything is in place for the collaboration to be successful, you would think.

We can, however, not in addition to the fact look at Mercedes everything is running smoothly, seems to run and that they are on a Ferrari and the blunders continue to pile up. At the highest level are often the smallest differences that make the difference between profit and loss.

After the GP of Monaco to Sebastian Vettel, the question is raised what he could still improve, maybe that last procentjes to find.

“I am a part of the team, and I’m not over,” said Vettel. “I have this year been difficult moments when I fight with my own car. I have not yet reached the level that I am more comfortable feel and I better performance out of the car. That also has to do with the fact that we find it difficult to put the car in the right window to get it.”

Once that is the case, he feels better and he can better the limits to search, but the problem is that that is rarely the case.

“That is a combination of different things,” the German continued. “To start with, we have too little performance, that would make us all help to bring the tyres in the right window. It is no secret that this year become more difficult.”

“I feel that there is potential in the car, and there is also more potential in the team. As I said earlier, I am also a part of, we just need to work hard to continue to work.”

“Even if we are able to turn the tide it will not be from one day to the other to happen. We need to work hard and the details look to be shorter to be able to come. Once we have succeeded we can put them under pressure to start to convert,” concluded Vettel.

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