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Binance Launchpad-Project Fetch.AI cooperates with T-Labs (Telekom) – Coin Hero

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Binance Launchpad-Project Fetch.AI cooperates with T-Labs (Telekom)

Home News Binance Launchpad-Project Fetch.AI cooperates with T-Labs (Telekom)

Marcus Misiak –

Binance understands his Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) under the name of Binance Launchpad as a springboard for Top Tech talent. In the case of Fetch.AI, the IEO at the end of March, seems to have for this to work. The Cambridge-based technology Startup, is working with German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom (T-Labs) to develop a progressive decentralized network for IoT devices.

Fetch.AI and T-Labs want to provide a seamless “Machine-to-Machine”-management (M2M). Both partners have signed a joint statement (Memorandum of Understanding).

Fetch.AI will work with the T-Labs of Deutsche Telekom, in order to create an “economic Internet of the future”, which will be operated by Autonomous agents, which enable Internet of Things (IoT) devices, transactions without human Intervention to complete. The Machine-to-Machine business aims to be a powerful network, the data is transported, and facilitated communication by allowing digital agents, oneself, equipment, services, or individuals present.

According to the announcement, T-Labs and Fetch are.AI members of the Trusted IoT Alliance (TIoTA), as well as Bosch, Siemens and other renowned companies. TIoTA is a new Open-Source software base to support a trust IoT Ecosystem that is scalable and interoperable trusted. “T-Labs and Fetch.AI believe that you can achieve this with two key technologies: Autonomous agents and an environment that connects them to each other. Both actors put on distributed Computing. It enables scalable solutions for network optimization and the necessary artificial intelligence“.

Toby Simpson, CTO and co-founder of Fetch.AI, said:

It was a pleasure to work in the last year with T-Labs, as it was about how we can bring the communications network of the future to life: The ability of Autonomous agents (AEAs) with the aim to find solutions for today’s problems, which can make a big difference in our daily lives. This statement of intent reaffirms our determination to work closely together and to combine our Expertise and experience to make this a reality, than we can ever imagine to have.

John Calian, Senior Vice President and head of T-Labs, added:

The technology of Fetch.AI grows and develops. We have followed with enthusiasm. Now, it is really exciting, our vision: We integrate agents and to see how collective Knowledge, and self-organizing systems of values can create. And there, where previously no value was present. Agent-based systems are a powerful concept for the optimization of modern data networks.

Deutsche Telekom, headquartered in Bonn, according to sales, the leading telecommunications provider in Europe and achieved in 2018 to 75.9 billion euros. The company employs about 216,000 employees with offices in over 50 countries, and owns several telecommunications subsidiaries, including T-Mobile, the third largest mobile phone provider in the United States.

The collaboration is the first step of Fetch.AI after the successful IEO on Binance launch pad. The IEO, the 2. March was completed, secured the start-up financing in the amount of 6 million US dollars.

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