Anke Buckinx for the second time to give birth

5e3b947b3125765762301de772575df1 - Anke Buckinx for the second time to give birth

Joe-dj Anke Buckinx and her partner Tom are today, Tuesday 28 may 2019, the proud became parents of Max. That told them this morning itself in the Joe-ochtendshow with Sven Ornelis and Kürt Rogiers – which temporarily replaces her during her maternity leave. Max is their second child and the little brother of Lou (4). Max sets the well, measuring 54 cm and weighs 3.6 kg. Anke, Tom and Lou enjoy the expansion of their family.

“I have my little one now close to me, and really… Max is really the best tasting chips ever! We are soooo happy and grateful. Lou can’t wait to get her little brother to know. It is this morning at 5 after half 7 happened. My son is now already a ochtendmens, just like the mom”, laughs Anke.

While Anke the next few weeks is able to enjoy her newborn shoot, presents Sven together with Kürt the ochtendshow on Joe between 06.00 and 09.00.