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Writer François Weyergans died

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The Belgian-French writer François Weyergans is Monday, died in Paris. That has the Académie française, of which Weyergans was a member, let us know. He was 77.

Weyergans was in 1941 in Etterbeek born from a Belgian father and a French mother. In Paris, where he studied, he began to write for the famous Cahiers du cinéma. In 1973 he made his debut with the novel, Le pitre.

After an apprenticeship with Robert Bresson he also made a number of feature films, but Weyergans achieved more success when he was fully committed to writing. Well-known novels of him are je suis écrivain (1989), Rire et pleurer (1990) and La démence du boxeur, for which he in 1992 the Renaudot prize won.

Weyergans won in 2005 the prestigious French literary prize Prix Goncourt for his novel Trois jours chez ma mère, and hijacked the price when way for Michel Houellebecq. In 2009 he was the chair in the Académie française, and of the death of Alain Robbe-Grillet.