William Time announces third new show to

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William Time touring from February 2020 through Flanders with his new solo performance “do you Deliver to the house?”. Therein he seeks to answer the questions that every almost-thirties, while he also at the same time, en passant, with the nose on the facts pushes that he is not a typical thirties is that without much thought, the door behind can dichtgooien and the city can withdraw.

Since 2009, gives William Time like the best of themselves on comedypodia in Flanders and the Netherlands. After a whole series of awards for young talent, he can in 2014 in Humo’s Comedy Cup to take home and since then took he the successful solovoorstellingen to each other. Where he was in ‘Megalomaniac’ (2014) have its own shape as a breeding ground for jokes used (besides, of course, another stand-up material from the top shelf) he shows in ‘Reset’ (2017) that he who jokes easily, literally and figuratively, can transcend them to the hand of a giant abacus very openly naming and counting without ever having to speed to lose.